The Mecanic Art Museum

The Mecanic Art Museum near Saint Cirq-Lapopie is celebrating 150 years of Mecanic Art!

Located in Cazals between Cahors and Sarlat, the Mecanic Art Museum of Cazals now combines the Montolza Museum (1868-1969) and the Montaut Museum (1903-1914) as well as the Mecanica collection of contemporary artists! This unique museum offers a trip to the heart of the artistic expression carried by mechanics.

Come and meet the first museum dedicated solely to the artists of Mecanic Art, an international artistic movement born in France in the 19th century whose works illustrate the birth and evolution of industrial civilization and transport.

From 1868 to the present day, you will discover the ancestor of cycling, the velocipede, you will go out to meet artists such as Ernest Montaut and his wife Gamy considered as the parents of the illustration of the “Automobile Speed” and Mecanic Art.